Magnecor Components

Any part of a Magnecor ignition wire can be purchased separately. Loose ignition cable (any type), boots, terminals, professional quality crimp tools, numbering sleeves and wire separator looms are available for installers preferring to assemble ignition wires in their own workshop and at the race track. No minimum quantity is required. However, please remember Magnecor USA and Magnecor UK can supply custom tailored complete wires at short notice. See below for most of the components we sell (NOTE: these are large images.)


Crimping Tool

Picture of a crimping tool

Heavy duty crimping tool designed specifically to crimp terminals to spark plug cable. The tool steel crimping jaws (not mild steel or aluminum) are stepped from 6mm to 15mm wide to accommodate the full crimp section of the various heavy duty terminals sold by Magnecor. Can be used to crimp terminals onto ignition cables from 7mm to 10mm in diameter. The frame of the tool is made from quality materials with longevity in mind. Actual size of tool is 290mm overall length.

This is not a inexpensive tool, but it's a worthwhile investment if you are always crimping terminals to ignition cables. This professional crimping tool is superior in every respect to the narrow-jawed mild steel crimping pliers and the 2 piece aluminum closing tools (which are usually rendered useless after 2 crimp operations) currently available in the US aftermarket. Please contact us for pricing.


Below are large-format photos of many of the components we stock in the USA. Magnecor UK stocks even more for European vehicles:


SPARK PLUG TERMINALS:  T4, T5Z (B), T12 (B), T13-N, T14, T115 (B), T17

all the rest are for various distributor and coil applications

(B) = bendable, but care needs to be taken in doing so.


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