(Updated February 25, 1998) Pressure from Thundercords and Magnecor, together with the poor quality of the counterfeit Magnecor ignition cable, has almost eliminated the inferior counterfeit Magnecor ignition cable from the Australian market, however if you are not sure as to the source of the cable you are using, or if you find someone selling the counterfeit cable, you should contact Thundercords. Despite recent statements by Mr Cunningham and others, Thundercords is the only authorised distributor of genuine Magnecor products in Australia - a fact this web site will confirm!

(Previous warning) Counterfeit inferior generic ignition cable has been circulating in Australia printed with the Magnecor logo (a registered Trade Mark) without permission from the manufacturer in the USA, Magnecor Australia Limited (inc Michigan USA). The inferior counterfeit cable, to the best of our knowledge, currently originates from a business in Pennant Hills, NSW, and the deception is perpetrated by a Ralph James Cunningham (a bankrupt) who, with others, sometimes purports to be Magnecor Australia Pty Limited. Neither Mr Cunningham nor any other entity involved in the deception has permission from of the proprietor of the registered Magnecor Trade Mark to use the Magnecor logo in any form or for any reason. The counterfeit cable will not properly suppress EMI or RFI. We are taking action to end this deception, however in the meantime the only available source in Australia for genuine US-manufactured Magnecor cable is our sole Australian distributor
Thundercords (based in Lidcombe, NSW) or their own authorised distributors and dealers.