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"The spark plug wire is melting!" (battery acid)
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This problem may seem rare and unusual to most people but, surprisingly, we see it all too often.

Diagnosis by automotive technician:
Faulty wires, "the wires have melted."

Diagnosis by Magnecor:
BATTERY ACID has been spilled over this wire. Silicone rubber and other materials used for ignition wires cannot withstand battery acid without sustaining damage similar to that shown above. The wire failed because the spark arced through an area eaten away by the battery acid. Ignition wires (and other engine parts) get covered in battery acid as a result of a collision in which the vehicle's battery is damaged or at a time when an old battery is removed from the engine bay.

Often, it is assumed (or alleged) this damage is due to the wires inability to withstand heat. However, any damage due to excessive heat shows up as brown or black burnt areas on the boots and conventional ignition cable. Magnecor KV85 and R-100 pure silicone rubber ignition cable will revert to a very soft material that can be shaped with fingers if the heat rating is exceeded for an extended period of time.

Suggested remedy:
If you are aware that battery acid has been spilled over any part of a motor vehicle, it needs to be removed immediately with water and baking soda (if available). Battery acid will damage wiring, paintwork, upholstery, clothing and skin. If battery acid covered Magnecor ignition wires are washed soon enough, no damage will occur.

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