KV85 and R-100 CN25 wires

Magnecor CN Series

KV85 Competition (8.5mm) and R-100 Racing (10mm) CN25 Ignition Cables

Specifically designed and constructed conductor provides maximum RFI suppression needed for problem mobile Ham radio, telephone and TV transmission, marine communication, high powered sound systems equipment, etc.

Magnecor's CN Series: 8.5mm KV85 Competition and 10mm R-100 Racing Ignition Cables feature Magnecor's exclusive 2.5mm Metallic Inductance Suppressed CN25 conductor, consisting of a special alloy wire precisely wound at 200 turns per inch over a ferrimagnetic core. These ignition wires are specifically designed and constructed to overcome the severe RFI problems associated with spiral conductor ignition wires, making them an ideal choice for vehicles in which Ham radios, telephone and TV equipment, 2-way radios, off-shore communication equipment, and high powered sound equipment etc. is installed. High capacity conductor eliminates the spark energy reduction associated with all "suppression" ignition wires and supplementary suppressors normally used to solve severe RFI problems.

Magnecor CN Series Wires can also be used on street vehicles that suffer extreme EMI problems from badly designed and easily-spiked engine management systems, and are normally supplied as the only alternative in Magnecor wire sets supplied for engines known to suffer these problems.

The insulating jacket is identical to those used for our KV85 Competition and R-100 Ignition Race Wires.

Magnecor CN Series wires can be identified by the designation "CN25" printed on the cable insulating jacket.

IMPORTANT: Please specify you want "CN Series" wires at time of ordering.

Information about radio noise problems can be found in Question 16 of the Magnecor FAQ.

ALSO, Magnecor's new ELECTROSPORTS 70 (7mm) Ignition cables provide exceptional RFI suppression.

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