Magnecor is a USA manufacturer of ignition wires. We are not necessarily set up to sell direct to consumers, however, because in recent years most auto parts stores no longer carry spark plug wires in their inventory, we do appreciate we may be the only source for some spark plug wires, particularly for imported vehicles and custom sets. This website is set up to answer almost all questions about ignition wires, technical or otherwise.

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To order spark plug and coil wires from Magnecor you need to contact us:

 1.  By e-mail at: (preferred method, particularly the initial request for Custom Wires)

 2.  By fax at: 248-471-9506 (USA)


 We do advise you to peruse our online CATALOG

to select a wire set for your vehicle. When ordering a wire set,

 or custom set (see below), we need the following to be included in your email:

            *Make of vehicle

            *Year of manufacturer




It is important to pay attention to the coil wire on any vehicle with a single ignition coil, more so on 1960 to 1970 model vehicles, as many have had ignition coil brand, type and size changes, and coils may have been re-located over the years. If you are not the original owner, more care is needed, otherwise a new coil wire will have to be purchased at a later date. All our wire sets include the OE coil style and length. If in doubt, include with you order an overall length of the coil wire and whether it has straight and/or 90 degree connections at the ends of the wire.  Of course, when ordering a set, you can specify a different length and style coil wire be included in the set.

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When using our online CATALOG, pay particular attention to the year model and engine configuration, as quite often owners believe their vehicle is a year or two younger than it actually is because of possible misrepresentation or errors during changes of ownership. Also, some vehicle listings require you to carefully read the side and foot notes. This has been an ongoing problem, as many people are ordering the wrong set, which needs to be exchanged for the correct set, incurring extra freight charges and delay. For this very reason, on this website, we do not use a shopping cart system where year models etc. can't be readily compared.


CABLES:  Magnecor usually uses 4 different suppressed ignition cables for wire sets: Click on each cable for additional information and specifications.

Electrosports - 70  (7mm) This black cable is a direct replacement for most original equipment black 7mm size cable.

Electrosports - 80  (8mm) This blue cable is a direct replacement for most original equipment gray or blue 8mm size cable.

KV85 Competition  (8.5mm) This red cable is primarily designed for racing engines. Also, very popular for any high performance engine or conversion.

R-100 Racing  (10mm) This red cable designed for engines using racing ignitions, supercharging and exotic fuels. Can be use on any engine if room permits.


After Magnecor receives your inquiry, we will contact you, usually by email, as quickly as possible to suggest what spark plug wire set is best suited for your vehicle --- or an initial suggestion for a CUSTOM SET or individual wire/s or components. It will be helpful if you include your ship-to address for a shipping cost quote, most of which we subsidize.

We will send you a price for a set in the form of a Magnecor invoice.

If acceptable, you can either pay the invoice with any major credit card (or Paypal), or telephone us your payment details and ship-to address using the telephone number shown in our email reply.



Please take the following into account when you order a custom wire set, single wire/s, or components.

In recent years, this service has increasingly become extremely popular and time consuming for Magnecor. Although millions of motor vehicles that need spark plug wires have been scrapped, many millions are still on the road. However, the vast majority are now over 25 years old, and many have been modified over the years.

Because there are hundreds of combinations and configurations of spark plug wire components such as insulating boots, extension tubes, connectors, terminals and cables, it is extremely important that attention is paid to the best available components to do the job. Some connector components for spark plug wires originally used on older limited production engines have long been discontinued because it is uneconomical for the manufacturers to maintain molds and dies for the rapidly diminishing demand since the 1990's. This can also apply to some to popular vehicle engines.

For this reason, substitute components may be needed. Magnecor can suggest substitute components, and you can also view what is available on this website. This also applies to ever-increasing coil-on-plug (COP) conversions to coil-wire-plug, and the fitting and/or the replacement of individual coils for each cylinder, usually after an aftermarket ECU is installed.

Before you order, it is advisable to take your time to carefully study both the layout and type of spark plug and coil wires currently fitted to the engine. Also, the distributor cap or coil pack and the spark plugs that are fitted need to be noted if special types are used. Over the years, all sorts of changes to the ignition system have taken place, and we now find different (to the original) coils, coil packs, distributors, connectors and other components have been fitted to engines for which customers require a custom wire set. Rarely, will your specs for your particular engine be the same as the very same engine for which other people ordered sets in the past. We need to know about the changes you know about -- although you, also, may not be aware of any and all changes. Photographs may be required. Of particular concern will always be the spark plug terminal position inside long plastic and silicone rubber connectors used on some overhead cam engines. Samples may have to be sent for confirmation.

If you are fitting headers to the engine, we advise you to read


The more information we have, the sooner we will be able complete your custom wire set. If the engine has no wires fitted, extra attention needs to be paid as to how the new wires will be routed and attached. Always mention the name of the original vehicle/engine manufacturer, and not just an abbreviated model designation.

For custom wires, we advise you to use the PDF Ordering Guides listed below, as we no longer have the extremely knowledgeable staff member who patiently took orders for custom wires in the USA for the last 29 years. He has retired. The Ordering Guides need to be e-mailed (as an attachment) or faxed or mailed to us so we can make suggestions for the wires you need. Please note that wires and cables are referred to as "leads" in these guides, which originate from Magnecor UK. Please use landscape page mode when printing.

PLEASE NOTE: the Ordering Guides need to emailed to: (not as shown in guide)






For accurate wire lengths, always measure wires terminal to terminal (including coil wire)


Payment for Magnecor Wires

Magnecor accepts American Express, Discover, Mastercard, PayPal or Visa. Instructions for how to pay will be included in our return email.

Other payment methods: 

For shipments to most (but not all) US ZIP codes, UPS provides a COD service for $12.90 (2017) in addition to normal shipping charges - you will need to pay by money order or cashier's check at your end. There are some exceptions to the $12.90, such as Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. 

You can also pay for your order in advance by money order or cashiers check. Mail the money order or check for the set or parts you want, plus shipping charges to:

24581 Crestview Court
Farmington Hills,  MI  48335

Make the check or money order payable to "Magnecor," also include something in writing stating the Magnecor ORDER NUMBER and your return address, and some way you can be contacted (preferably a telephone number or email address). If you send a personal check, you should be prepared to wait until the check clears our bank.

Shipping Charges:

USA: Shipping cost to US ZIP codes is a subsidized $10.00 - $12.00 for most pre-paid retail orders (including Hawaii, Alaska, APO/FPO addresses, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands), We usually use UPS Ground Services or USPS Priority Mail and can ship your order express at extra cost.

Canada: Purchasers need to specify how they want their order shipped. Anything sent from the USA to Canada can either incur reasonable postage costs or very costly freight and customs clearance charges if sent by UPS for example.

Other destinations: Shipping costs will vary considerably - we can ship anywhere in the world. 

Please note:

Prices are subject to change without notice. 

6% sales tax is applicable for non-tax exempt orders shipped to addresses in Michigan.








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